YOUNGOHM’s very first NFT piece will be officially announced on the NFT1 website and NFT1 official media accounts. NFT will be minted in 1/1 edition on the Rarible platform and presented in the NFT1 Rarible Store. The auction will start at 6:19 AM , 6 May 2021 (Bangkok Time, GMT+7), and close for bids on 9:16 PM, 13 May 2021 (Bangkok Time, GMT+7).

Co-produced by Youngohm, and NFT1’s award-winning Creative Director, NINO, this collaboration content is made exclusively for NFT1’s Rarible Store. The NFT content is an animation artwork created by Gins Jirakulsawat, which is looped and lasts for 16 seconds. It’s produced as MP4, and includes Youngohm’s most iconic vocal tagline, “YOUNGOHM MOTHERF**KER!!!”.

The most unique part of the NFT is Youngohm’s vocal tagline composed into the NFT itself. It is known that Youngohm produces different unique taglines for his songs — these are iconic phrases that usually become viral after the song is released. The audio tagline “YOUNGOHM MOTHERF**KER!!!” can also be heard in his famous track “Mafia Spain.” This iconic NFT contains this unique audio tagline and will be owned by the buyer who has the winning bid during this auction. This NFT piece is definitely a must-watch (and listen)!

The art presented in this NFT is a collaboration between NINO and the visual artist Gins Jirakulsawat. NINO’s vision was to create an innovative and futuristic art style that commemorates Youngohm’s bold first step into the metaverse, minting his very first NFT. NINO hopes that this experiment will be an eye-opening experience for many music and art fans starting to learn about cryptocurrency and NFTs.

“Furious, rude, straightforward,

stylish, self-confident and catchy”

— that’s how Youngohm’s fans describe his music.

One of the most successful Thai rappers, Ratthaphong Phoorisit, known by his stage name “Youngohm” started composing in 2015, at a very early age, while still at school. “I always knew what I wanted”, — says Youngohm. — “Even as a kid, playing, when I wanted something, I just did it right away”. When Youngohm realized he liked to rap — he just started rapping. Youngohm was in primary school when he wrote his first song: he had a crush on a girl, and he decided to put his feelings onto a piece of paper. Up until now, she has never heard the song but it did not matter because, at that moment, Youngohm had already discovered and chosen his path in life, which was to become a successful rapper.

Youngohm comes from a typical family and the phrase: “I want to be a rapper” — was not something that his parents wanted to hear from him. Despite this, Youngohm was stubborn and passionately driven to pursue his music career and kept moving forward. Posting his songs on social media, he started gaining traction and spent days in a studio rapping with his friends. It might be difficult for his fans to imagine that the acclaimed Thai rapper was so driven to his path that he was willing to take any simple job he could in order to support his music dreams. He worked as a waiter in a fast food restaurant ‘MK’ or as a condo billboard “holder”, at the side of the road, just to earn enough money to produce his demo tracks. He explains: “Standing there for the whole day in the heat alone, I was waiting for a truck to bring me some rice so I could eat. But the truck didn’t come at the appointed time, and feeling starved, I left for food and got scolded for it. Standing there under the blazing sun, and holding the Condominium’s signboard, I learned to effectively hide my head behind the condo sign from the sun, and I also learned that I want to define my life by myself.”

In 2015, and at the age of 17, Youngohm entered a contest called RAP IS NOW Season 2 on Thai TV., Even though he did not win the contest, he kept working harder, improved his skills and came back for Season 3, where he got noticed by fellow rappers and top music producers. With the new support, Youngohm’s professional career took off fast. In 2017 a cool tagline from one of his songs, “Haven’t slept since ten in the morning…” went viral, and several of Youngohm’s compositions brought him millions of views on Tencent-owned music streaming platform JOOX and on YouTube. In 2018, his music started becoming widely known, and in the same year, Youngohm won Hip Hop Song of the Year at the JOOX Thailand Music Awards.

At the age of 22, Youngohm is currently a superstar celebrity in Thailand with his compositions frequently breaking the records: his track “Thararat” got 25 million views on JOOX and 25 million views on YouTube the first week after its release (225+ million views to date). Another track called “Cheoy Meoy” got 115 million views on JOOX and was number one on a JOOX chart and 170 million views on YouTube.

“Sometimes I’m angry that people judge. I don’t speak; I write songs instead. Rap is a safe zone where I can convey my feelings. Anyone can type bad comments or insults but rap is different. Rap is a game. With music, I can say anything”, — says Youngohm.


Krerg Chankwang also known as NINO, is the Co-founder and Creative Director of NFT1 Pte. Ltd. and is also the CEO of the new music record label in Thailand called HYPE TRAIN. NINO has produced tons of songs for the biggest artists in Thailand. With his skills, he was invited to be the Music Director for the top hip hopTV reality show in Thailand, Show Me The Money Season 2.

“In the Metaverse, real-world artists become NFT creators that can produce their own imaginative, creative, and bold artworks and sell them to collectors who are fans of these NFT creators. I believe that NFT creators will eventually be able to find new ways to communicate and interact with their fans through the advancement of NFTs and NFT Technology”

NINO believes that NFT production is a great opportunityto discover new kinds of artwork, produced by talentedmusicians and artists in the form of NFTs. NINO hopesto discover a new business model that can provide a new stream of income for artists especially since musicstreaming services do not pay very well and public eventshave had a huge impact caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.