N-Commerce Engine

By tapping on Blockchain technology, our own proprietary NFT technologies and De-Centralized Finance Methodologies, we unlock 4 key improvements to current E-Commerce technology:

  1. Vastly improving the accuracy of distributors when estimating how many products to order from manufacturers and producers for target geos or consumer groups.
  2. Completely Eliminate typical E-Commerce Scams
  3. Unlimited secondary C2C sales without shipping fees and reducing the chance of damaging goods when shipped.
  4. Allows for the implementation of government taxes such as Value Added Tax (VAT) or Goods and Services Tax (GST) or other required taxes.N-Commerce is designed to support Online Commerce activities for A) Physical goods B) Digital Codes. N-Commerce will work on any physical or digital product be it a pair of sneakers, a new mobile phone, a limited edition figurine, a luxury handbag, an in-game item code or Steam Code etc.With our N-Commerce Engine, we seek to create a vastly improved online shopping experience and monetization methodologies for any brand, company, game, or sports team, including new ways for traditional and play-to-earn game companies to monetize their in-game items and currencies and provide their players with greater rewards.